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marti_b's Journal

10 September
What's to say?

Extraordinarily privileged upbringing out in Boston. Family home is a stud farm where Dad breeds thoroughbred racehorses. Plenty of success from that means I don't need to work if I don't want to (which I do, however). I have my Grandpa's work ethic (it was him who started the stud).

Erm...Okay, let's do it this way. Virgo efficiency taking over.

Full Name: Martine Véronique Brereton
Much Prefers: Marti
Age: 24

Mom: Véronique Deshayes Brereton (she's French, but don't let that fool you. My grandparents came out here as kids during WW2, and she's never been there).

Dad: Stephen Charles Brereton (English, but again has never been. Same story as other grandparents)

Siblings: 1 Brother, Etienne (27). Boring git, but I love him. 1 Sister, Davina (23). Annoying git, but I love her.

Job: Been working for a while at the New York Journal. Copy Editor/Proofreader/General Fallguy if deadlines aren't met (which, btw, they ALWAYS are).

Lives: Well, I DID live with Davina in our own apartment. Dad bought it for us. It was his condition for allowing us to move to the City. Near Grand Central Station, handy for Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, etc. But hey, this isn't supposed to be a tourist spiel! Anyhow, Davina moved out to go back home - oh we're fine. We didn't fall out or anything. But it's kinda worked out real fine since...*points down a bit*

Likes: See below. Not listing 'em twice. Oh, and see this guy? His name's Noah MacNamara. He's okay too. But then, I have to think that since we've just gotten engaged and he's been living with me since January.

Dislikes: Assholes, alcohol (well, my body dislikes it anyhow), Mom's visits, Dumbass in apartment below, and probably a whole heap of other things too stupid to mention.

But basically, you be straight with me, I'll be straight with you. And we'll get along just fine.

Not Winona Ryder. I can only wish. This is roleplay - not real.

This journal and any that made be connected with it, is in no way a true reflection of the celebrity/ies represented within it. This journal is used for a fantasy Role Playing Game that in no way is meant to infringe the rights of the player, the celebrity represented, or any associated trade marks.